Standing up.

We are currently in the process of standing up Republican Veterans of San Francisco.  It will be one of the founding Chapters of the California Republican Veterans Association (CRVA) once the requisite number of local Chapters have formed to qualify for formal recognition by the California Republican Party (CRP).

We adhere to the precepts of our Nation’s Founding Fathers as reflected in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with particular emphasis upon the rights of the individual, limited governmental power, and equity under the law. We believe in the free enterprise economic system, private property ownership, individual rights, and representative government.

We believe in a strong national defense, free trade, and that government, at all levels, must live within its means and not create an undue burden of debt to future generations of Americans.

We are free because of those who have answered the call to serve. We support the CRP platform concerning Veterans Affairs. We commit to continued support for our military veterans through efforts such as, but not limited to, transition assistance, jobs programs, housing assistance, retirement benefits, and health care. We support fair efforts to privatize the operations of the Veteran’s Administration in order to increase efficiencies and quality of care.


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